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Christian Counseling in Spokane

Dr. Scott has counseled Christians in Spokane toward emotional and spiritual well-being for the past 33 years. He does marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling.  He has worked with over 9,000 people as individuals or as part of a family and has done more than 40,000 hours of therapy.

Marital Counseling

Dr. Scott does marriage counseling for Christian couples who want to improve their marriage, increasing the intimacy as a couple. He works extensively with the couples regarding their coping skills that they learned in their family of origin and/or brought with them from previous relationships. He helps them work through wounds and bitterness that has developed during their relationship and teaches them communication and conflict resolution skills.

For the more troubled relationship in significant crisis, Dr. Scott uses personality assessment and insight oriented strategies to determine the origin of the marital troubles. He then works with the couple to agree on treatment goals intended to resolve their conflict and restore a caring relationship. He has been successful in treating couples who have attempted several marital counseling experiences without success and/or who have already begun a divorce process.

Individual Counseling

Dr. Scott has worked extensively with adults and adolescents. He treats individuals for depression, anxiety, anger, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, relationship problems and work related issues. He engages the individual regarding their style of resolving problems and helps them find more efficient and effective ways of changing their own life.

Family Counseling

Family counseling encourages families to function more freely and openly with each other.  When one person in the family has a problem, the whole family is either affected by the problem or helps maintain the problem.  Treating the whole family provides the opportunity for the entire system to change together to a better way of dealing with life.



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